ZAAZEY® Mission

Zaazey’s mission is empowering women and building healthy communities while producing the world's finest, 100% pure, award-winning, extra virgin olive oil. Zaazey promotes sustainable farming methods, utilizes ethical trade practices and celebrates social responsibility.  Our practice is providing equal opportunities and fair wages for women.

Getting to know the people and cultures associated with extra virgin olive oil in historical lands of Turkey set a foundation for building the special bonds that connect us today with the raw and natural lands and the people and animals that inhabit ZAAZEY® Olive grove.  

Symbol Of Wealth And Prosperity.

The History of Olive Tree for all you curious and inquisitive minds out there, the olive was domesticated for the very first time in the Eastern Mediterranean, roughly 8,000 years ago. The olive tree has been a status symbol that stands for sacredness, unity, peace, wealth and prosperity.

During ancient times, the use of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil was primarily dedicated for special occasions, like religious ceremonies & medicinal uses due to the fact that it was exceedingly hard to harvest.




The production technology of the 21st century has very well made harvesting Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its quality much better than ever before. Although traditional methods are still being used such as the stone crushing of olives that dates back to ancient times. In the latter part of the 20th century, extra virgin olive oil has received attention mainly for its health and wellness properties making it the perfect add-on to any meal.​