Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our adventurous journeys kept our family close and connected.

In a time where technology has pushed people further away from one another, our family has never lost sight of what is really important enjoying the splendors of life with the beautiful people that surround you. Just imagine traveling all around the world with your family - for me, five young children, a husband, and a grandmother.

The experience of getting to know people and cultures associated with olive oil in historical lands while taking in some of the most breathtaking places around the world, created a positive emotional experience and bonding. These experiences will be forever etched in our family's stories for decades to come. Our adventurous journeys kept our family close and connected. Our five senses came alive to sights, smells, hearing, taste, and touch that would forever shape ZAAZEY ™ Our travels took our family down an unexpected road, or should we say, led us to the sumptuous world of ZAAZEY ™ extra virgin olive oil !

ZAAZEY ™ began to create sustainable and incorporate higher paying wages for women farmers; while harvesting freshly squeezed Extra Virgin Olive Oil juice to the world. ZAAZEY share her story of the many strong and courageous women who would help pick / rake the olives off the trees. Our harvest began just after the early morning sunrise, while the lands were still quiet from a nights rest, the sea & mountain air was pure and crisp. As we stood shoulder to shoulder, bending / squatting down to pick up the beautiful variety of color of olives that dropped from the olive three. We spoke different languages ​​but our eyes and smiles connected and I knew then that ZAAZEY would be the door to help open endless possibilities for women around the world.

ZAAZEY ™ is woman business owned. ZAAZEY ™ is helping women in business.

ZAAZEY ™ would be the one telling their stories.

ZAAZEY ™ was brought to life during one of our visits to the spectacular Ida Mountains, located on the Aegean Seacoast of Turkey. It was in these very mountains, full of nature's richest elements, where heavenly senses were ignited and effectively brought to life; our family was introduced to the world's finest family of olive growers; they have been successfully keeping alive the Noble tradition of cultivating their lands for three generations; instantly we knew the world needed to learn their stories about the art of cultivating olive oil juice and ZAAZEY ™ would be the one telling their stories. 

Zaazey's Mission

Incorporate high ethical standards and socially responsible business practices to produce the finest quality olive oil in the world while promoting sustainable agriculture, enhanced return on investment for our farmers, and always an honest transparent and open relationships with our growers.

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Freshest, healthiest, antioxidant rich extra virgin olive oil

Picked at peak ripeness and gently crushed within hours, the finest ZAAZEY ™ olives yield the freshest, healthiest, antioxidant rich extra virgin olive oil.