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Sea bass fish

  • We are leaving the sea bass fish seloto zero glues we care about our lemon apples are thoroughly mixing the fish are leaving for about 1 hour, then we take out our cooked fish and filter out more sauce to the mayonnaise pot before we add the mustard and the olive oil add thoroughly thoroughly weakle the last olrak apple company are thoroughly flapping dark add a sauce until the sauce is darkened until we add our fish are mixed with rocket serve

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1 kgr perch fish

4 pieces of lemon

3 corba spoon of apple cider vinegar one jug of salt sauce

1 cup of olive oil 1 tea cup of apple cider vinegar

ZAAZEY GOLDEN DROP Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Fruitiness: Medium- Robust

Bitterness: Medium- Robust

Pungency: Medium - Robust

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil