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Pomegranate Orange walnut crunchy kadayif

  • Preparation of the sherbet: First sugar and water are placed in a pot and the sugar is mixed and allowed to boil. After five to ten minutes of boiling, the lemon juice is squeezed one - two boils and then allowed to cool. The more fresh the kadayif is, the easier it is to wrap. It is not appropriate if the wire gauze used is too thick or too thin. A woman's body is laid on a flat surface without breaking apart. Plenty of orange and pomegranate orange pomegranate wrap. Leaf wraps are wrapped in a medium tightness in the form of rolls. In case of over-tightness, there is the danger that the inside will not be cooked and the dough will remain, and if it is loosely wrapped, the oil will be dispersed. It should not be too thick to be cooked inside of Kadayif filling. When it comes to half, it folds. Placed on the bottom. The same treatment is repeated until the kata. - The eggs are broken into a pit and a large bowl and beaten. Each side of the wrapped kadayıf dolmaların egg is found. In order to prevent too much egg from entering into the kadayif, the woman should not be squeezed by hand. Kadayif wraps are placed on a clean plate. In a deep frypot, olive oil is placed on top of the wraps. Lightly and for a very short period of time in the egg thighs filled with stale fat is thrown into plenty of fat and pomegranate as a pomegranate. The fat must be not angry at the outside, so that the outside of the Kadayif filling doesn't get raw.


Walnut crunchy walnut

300 g fresh alabaster

3 eggs

400 g walnut

100 g of orange peel

100 gr pomegranate

800 g sugar

1 tl water

4 eggs

5-6 drops of lemon

Olive oil to fry

For sherbet

1 tl water

600 g powdered milk

Half a lemon juice



Fruitiness: Medium- Robust

Bitterness: Medium- Robust

Pungency: Medium - Robust

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil